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Faculty Searches

School of Arts and Sciences and School of Engineering

The School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering at Tufts University are committed to excellence in scholarship and teaching, and to building a faculty that draws strength from its diversity. To that end, we conduct thorough and systematic searches for all new faculty positions, both full-time and part-time. Follow the links below for the procedures for conducting faculty searches (both full-time and part-time); important tips for doing outreach to build diverse applicant pools; administrative and financial guidelines; and the required forms.


Faculty Search Procedures – Full-time

Detailed procedures for full-time faculty searches

Faculty Search Checklist

A checklist to follow as you go through the steps for full-time searches

Faculty Search Procedures – Part-time

Detailed procedures for part-time faculty searches

Tips for Applicant Outreach

Best strategies for building a diverse pool of applicants, as demonstrated by our academic departments

Administrative Guidelines

Administrative and financial guidelines for faculty searches, including advertising, interviewing expenses, travel and hotel authorization and arrangements, and reimbursements for meals

Recommended Restaurants

A list of local restaurants that meet the guidelines for expenditures for interview meals


Form A: Composition of the Search Committee

The proposed members of the search committee

Form B: Faculty Search Position Announcement Form AY 16-17

The proposed wording of the position announcement, as well as the places the announcement will be posted

Form 1: Long List of Potential Interview Candidates

Information and statistics about the candidates still under consideration after the first round of decisions

Form 2: Applicant Outreach Questionnaire

Information about the advertising and outreach that took place to build a diverse applicant pool

Form 3: List of Applicants (AA Report Section I)

A list of all applicants for the position, with educational background, demographics where available, and the reasons that applicants were not selected for an on-campus interview

Form 4: Final Selection Report (AA Report Section II)

The interview candidate whom the department recommends be offered the position, as well as all other interview candidates; reasons for selection and non-selection are also stated on this form