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Chapter 4
Tenure and Promotion

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Policy Prohibiting Tenure at More Than One Institution

Tenured faculty members in the School of Arts and Sciences and in the School of Engineering are prohibited from holding a tenured appointment at Tufts and at another academic institution at the same time. For newly hired faculty members at Tufts, the effective date of the tenured appointment at Tufts will begin on a date after the faculty member has resigned his/her tenured appointment at his/her previous institution. Faculty members who go through the tenure process at Tufts prior to the effective date of the appointment will often have a visiting status at Tufts while the tenure process is underway.

For Tufts faculty members who have pursued employment at another academic institution, the faculty member must resign his/her tenured appointment at Tufts prior to the start of the tenured appointment at the other academic institution. If the dean discovers a Tufts faculty member has relocated to another institution without notifying the dean’s office, the faculty member must be considered a visiting faculty member at the other academic institution or resign the tenured position at Tufts. If a tenured Tufts faculty member is awarded a tenured appointment at another institution, the deans will interpret this as a resignation of the tenured appointment at Tufts.