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Chapter 3
Faculty Responsibilities

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Beyond teaching and scholarship, full-time faculty members are expected to participate in governance of their respective schools through attendance and voting at faculty meetings (A&S, AS&E, and SoE) and through service on standing and ad hoc committees. Faculty meetings offer a valuable forum for the discussion of policies and information exchange between the faculty and administration; active faculty participation in meetings is therefore essential to shared governance of the school. Similarly, the committee structure allows for faculty oversight of discrete units within the schools. When not on leave, faculty members are normally expected to serve on at least one school or university-wide committee (only modest service is asked of tenure-stream faculty prior to tenure review). Committee openings are advertised annually by the Committee on Committees.

Full-time faculty members are required to attend department meetings and to contribute to the operation of their department. According to Article 10, Section 6 of the CBA for Full-time Lecturers, full-time lecturers in the School of Arts and Sciences are also required to attend meetings of their departments or programs, as determined by the department chair or program director. Where relevant, faculty may also be asked to assist the administration of interdisciplinary programs. Tenured members of the faculty in the School of Arts and Sciences should expect, in due course, to serve a rotation as chair of their departments; where relevant, and they may serve as the director of an interdisciplinary program. Only in exceptional circumstances should associate professors assume the leadership of a department or program.

Faculty members are also expected to serve their profession and their disciplines.