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Chapter 3
Faculty Responsibilities

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All tenure-stream faculty members in the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering are expected to conduct research and produce scholarship. In so doing, tenure-stream faculty members are expected to extend the boundaries of knowledge and, where appropriate, to include students—undergraduate and graduate—in that endeavor. Thus, faculty research activities contribute to a vigorous intellectual climate. Tufts University seeks to encourage creativity and invention among its faculty, students, and staff.

Tufts offers an array of internal support mechanisms for all faculty members to pursue their research, regardless of discipline. In addition to making its own facilities, equipment, personnel, and information resources available for research, Tufts actively seeks both general and specific support from public and private external sources.

Faculty members wishing to seek research funds are encouraged to consult the Office of Research Administration (ORA) within the Office of the Vice Provost for Research, as well as the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR). Faculty members seeking internal research funding should contact the Committee on Faculty Research Awards (FRAC).

The "Policy on Academic Freedom, Tenure and Retirement of the Board of Trustees" states that faculty members and students should be free to decide when and how to publish the results of their work and that, in general, grants and contracts involving classified research or involving U.S. or foreign intelligence are not appropriate. Other U.S. agencies such as the Department of Defense and Department of Energy, for example, regularly have contractual provisions that are problematic for Tufts University because these terms and conditions impose broad publication restrictions which infringe on the university's academic freedom and nonprofit institution tax status as it relates to fundamental research. However, while classified research is not performed at Tufts, the Office of Research Administration will work with both the investigator and the funding agency to negotiate terms that are acceptable to both when dealing with issues such as publication review, ownership of intellectual property, sensitive materials, and other areas such as export controls.

Please refer to the appendix for a comprehensive list of university policies. Note that these research-related policies apply to Tufts faculty members across the university. Please refer to the appendix specifically for policies related to misconduct and ethical practices in research and scholarship.

Research Administration Procedures

The associate director of research affairs in the School of Arts and Sciences is responsible for working with faculty members to enhance research productivity and promote scholarship through external funding. A website has been designed to guide faculty members through the preaward process. Proposal submission information for arts and sciences faculty members is available here.

The School of Engineering Office of Research, led by the associate dean for research, is responsible for creating a supportive environment to enhance research productivity and active scholarship. Proposal submission information within the School of Engineering, along with faculty research resources, is available here.

Any faculty member seeking external research funding should first consult with the ORA.

Faculty members seeking research funding from corporations or foundations should contact CFR.

Solicitation of individual donors must be coordinated through the Senior Director of Development for the School of Arts and Sciences or the School of Engineering, as appropriate.