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Chapter 3
Faculty Responsibilities

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Tufts University has a strong commitment to the liberal traditions and to excellence in teaching the arts, sciences, and engineering at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Innovative teaching is welcomed and celebrated, along with a flair for exposition, explanation, and intellectual stimulation.

Closely related to and complementing classroom teaching is the academic advising of students, which is a critical part of a faculty member's service. In the graduate programs, advisement and mentoring play a key role in the students' academic progress and, indeed, their ultimate professional success, whether in or out of academe.

Tufts University expects clear and sustained excellence in scholarship and research, as judged by professional peers nationally and internationally, from all of its tenured and tenure-track faculty members. In addition to advancing knowledge, such scholarship is critical in sustaining high-quality teaching and mentoring.

Full-time faculty members are expected to contribute to university governance through service.
The School of Engineering faculty workload policy can be reviewed here