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Chapter 5
Leaves of Absence

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Nonacademic Leaves of Absence

General Information

A nonacademic leave of absence is required when faculty members will be absent from work for more than two weeks for the purposes of taking parental leave, family illness leave, medical leave, military leave, jury duty, and/or personal leave.

This chapter contains basic information about nonacademic leaves, including a leave eligibility chart, definitions of terms, procedures for applying for and returning from a leave, and information about whom to contact with questions.

Because of the complexity of nonacademic leave policies, faculty members who are considering requesting a leave are strongly encouraged to:

  1. Go to the Leave Eligibility Chart and review your eligibility based on your faculty status.
  2. Refer to the section on Definitions of Terms for more information.
  3. Familiarize yourself with other information in this chapter.
  4. Get in touch with the appropriate contact listed below and/or your faculty dean to discuss your individual situation and how the nonacademic leave policies would apply to you.
  5. Faculty in the School of Engineering should complete the Engineering Non-Academic Leave Request Form.

Nonacademic Leave Contacts