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Chapter 5
Leaves of Absence

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Leave Eligibility Chart

A nonacademic leave of absence may be granted for a number of reasons. Nonacademic leaves include parental leave, family illness leave, medical leave, military leave, jury duty, and/or personal leave. Policies for these leaves are complex, and vary according to:

  • Length of employment at Tufts
  • Employment status: full-time benefits-eligible, part-time benefits-eligible, part-time nonbenefits-eligible
  • Tenure status: tenure-track/tenured or nontenure-track
  • Paid or unpaid leave
  • Length of leave

The following eligibility chart provides basic information about the different types of nonacademic leaves for which faculty members may be eligible. To use the chart, a faculty member should find the row that matches his/her faculty status, and then find the column for the type of leave under consideration. For definitions of terms used in the chart and expanded information, please go to the section on Definitions of Terms.

Please see Leave Eligibility Chart for details. (To print this PDF, please note that this document requires legal size paper, 8 ½" x 14")