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Chapter 5
Leaves of Absence

Return to Office of the Secretary of the Faculty

Applying for a Leave

The standard process for a faculty member requesting a foreseeable leave of absence follows. In an emergency, please immediately contact the faculty dean or the appropriate school contact listed below.

  1. Faculty in the School of Engineering should complete the Engineering Non-Academic Leave Request Form, which can be found at the Secretary of the Faculty's website, or obtained one from one of the Nonacademic Leave Contacts.
  2. Send the completed form with as much notice as is practical to:

Once the leave request form has been received, follow-up information will be sent to the faculty member. It is the responsibility of the faculty member to provide any required documentation in support of the leave request.

Once approved, the faculty member will receive a letter confirming the leave and its terms, including: length of leave, pay, benefits, job protection, and steps to be taken at the end of a leave.