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Chapter 6
Compensation, Benefits, and Faculty Development

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Supplemental Compensation

Academic Year

Tenured and tenure-track faculty members are expected to spend their nonteaching time on advising, scholarship, and university service. Full-time nontenure-track faculty members are expected to spend their nonteaching time on advising and university service. Under certain circumstances, full-time faculty members may perform additional teaching for the university during the academic year for supplemental compensation. The extra teaching must be a result of extraordinary circumstances within the School of Arts and Sciences or the School of Engineering, or in service to another school at Tufts. In all circumstances, additional teaching at Tufts must be approved in advance and on an annual basis by the department chair and the dean. The activity must not interfere with regular academic programs of the department and with responsibilities, work, and time expectations of the full-time appointment.


External Sources

Faculty members who have governmental or foundation research grants may be reimbursed for their full-time effort during the summer months of June, July, and August. Salary compensation during this period may not exceed one-ninth of the faculty member's regular contractual salary during each of the summer months, for a total maximum summer salary of three-ninths of the faculty member's regular contractual salary. Faculty members must also comply with all rules and regulations of the external funding source.

Supplemental Compensation through the Summer Session

Opportunities are available for faculty members to teach courses through the Tufts Summer Session for additional compensation. Full-time, tenured, tenure-track, and nontenure-track faculty members may teach a maximum of two courses per summer; however, faculty members may only earn up to three-ninths of their salary during the summer months. Please consult the Summer Session Office for more information about how this compensation is formulated.

Compensation for Course Cancellation

A class that enrolls fewer than six students will be cancelled unless the appropriate dean approves its being offered. In the School of Engineering, if a course taught by a part-time faculty member is canceled, the faculty member will be paid a portion of the agreed-upon salary not to exceed $750.  In the School of Arts and Sciences, the part-time faculty member will be compensated as outlined in the CBA for Part-Time Lecturers, Article 11, Section 21.

The department chair or program director should notify the registrar and assist the affected students if a course is canceled due to low enrollment.