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Faculty Handbook
Tufts University
School of Arts and Sciences
School of Engineering
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Revised Fall 2015

Published by the Secretary of the Faculty for Arts, Sciences and Engineering
Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences
Ballou Hall, First Floor
Medford, Massachusetts 02155

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Message from the Deans

The information in this Faculty Handbook is provided by the Tufts University administration for the convenience of the faculties of the School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Engineering, and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. The Handbook cannot and is not intended to address all circumstances related to a faculty member's role in the university, nor is the information contained in the Handbook intended to constitute an express or implied contract of employment, a promise of employment for any specified time, or a guarantee of benefits or working conditions.

The specific policies, procedures, and other statements found here cover a variety of subjects. However, readers should be aware that there are other important policies and procedures specific to the university's colleges, schools, departments, and other academic units that may apply to a particular employment situation, but are not referenced in this Handbook. Exclusion of a particular policy or procedure does not mean that it will not be enforced. It is the faculty member's responsibility to review university policies and procedures in detail and to request any clarification needed from his or her department chair, program director, or relevant dean.

Policies and procedures at an institution as complex as Tufts University are regularly under review and subject to revision. Thus, to keep this Faculty Handbook as up-to-date as possible, Tufts expressly reserves the right to amend, delete, suspend, or discontinue any part or parts of this Handbook, at any time and without prior notice. Every attempt will be made to keep faculty members informed of any changes as they occur. Changes to the Faculty Handbook will be posted online on the website of the Secretary of the Faculty. It is the faculty member's responsibility to remain current on the university policies and procedures that may apply to his or her employment.

Please note that because of the differences between the way text is handled on websites, in the case of the Handbook provided to you in both html and PDF formats, there may be some slight formatting inconsistencies between the two formats. For our purposes, the PDF is the version of record.