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Arts and Sciences Learning Objectives

Peace & Justice Studies

Upon completion of the PJS major requirements students will be able to:
  1. Demonstrate broad knowledge of the historical, theoretical and interdisciplinary development of the field.

  2. Define basic concepts in peace studies, including positive and negative peace; structural violence, cultural violence, nonviolence, mediation, negotiation, and arbitration.

  3. Define basic concepts in justice studies, including transitional justice, environmental justice, distributional justice, procedural justice, and accountability.

  4. Define basic concepts in human rights and describe their history.

  5. Demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between peace and justice.

  6. Demonstrate an understanding of the different perspectives on conflict, including social, psychological, cultural, political, economic, environmental, religious, and historical.

  7. Demonstrate an understanding of the causes of violence, including direct, structural, and cultural dimensions.

  8. Demonstrate familiarity with the techniques of conflict resolution.

  9. Demonstrate an ability to identify and analyze normative questions.

  10. Demonstrate a capacity for assessing and evaluating competing points of view.

  11. Identify and explain how people and groups act to promote peace and justice, including: the principled and pragmatic approaches to nonviolent action and the wide array of methods deployed; the dynamics and strategic interactions of contentious politics; and the social innovations in diverse forms and arenas of leadership, whether in civil society, institutions of governance, or political economy.

  12. Develop strategies for nonviolent action on behalf of justice and peace, whether by community organizing, advocacy, movement mobilization, or deliberative civic engagement.

  13. Demonstrate experiential learning skills for integrating coursework with internship and/or field research opportunities.

  14. Demonstrate the ability to produce an integrative capstone product based on research (quantitative or qualitative) and/or civic engagement.

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