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Arts and Sciences Learning Objectives

Interdisciplinary Studies


  1. Identifying, understanding and framing issues and problems (whether of global or more local significance) outside of a single, discipline-based inquiry.
  2. Formulating an interdisciplinary perspective on said issue/problem.
  3. Competency in designing an intellectually sound plan to integrate disciplines in order to address said issue/problem in an original, cogent and compelling way.
  4. Demonstrating this competency, originality and cogency in a final-year project and/or thesis

In addition, an Interdisciplinary Studies student will demonstrate:

  1. Independent initiative and self-disciplines
  2. His/her unique intellectual interests and ability to pursue them in a dedicated and productive fashion
  3. His/her understanding of the complexity of issues and problems and his/her ability to construct and pursue a cutting-edge methodology in their articulation.

Assessment Measures:

  • Final-year project/thesis (faculty reviewed)
  • End of spring semester collective workshop (with students and faculty mentors)
  • Feedback (focus group orientation

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