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Science, Technology and Society Program Committee

Committee of the College of Liberal Arts and Jackson College

MEMBERSHIP: 2017-2018

Term: Three (3) years

Name and Link to
Directory Listing
Department Title Term Role Note
Duchin, Moon Mathematics Associate Professor 2015-2018 Chair  
Blanchette, Alex Anthropology Assistant Professor 2016-2019    
Chudakova, Tatiana Anthropology Assistant Professor 2017-2020    
Forber, Patrick Philosophy Associate Professor 2015-2018    
Keiser, Jess English Assistant Professor 2016-2019   LV AY 17-18
Krimsky, Sheldon UEP Professor 2015-2018    
Mahoney, Anne Classics Senior Lecturer 2015-2018    
McGregor, Alecia Community Health Assistant Professor 2017-2020    
Rankin, Alisha History Associate Professor 2016-2019    
Seaver, Nick Anthropology Assistant Professor 2016-2019   LV Fall 2017
Taylor, Rosemary Sociology and Community Health Associate Professor 2016-2019    
Wolfe, Ben Biology Assistant Professor 2016-2019   LV Fall 2017



The STS Program Committee administers the co-major and minor in STS, including review of courses for possible inclusion towards the degree. The committee is also tasked with event programming and setting long-range goals to implement the program's intellectual mission.

The committee will meet an average of three to four times per semester; requests for electronic approval of routine business will go out between meetings.


In the 2017-2018 school year, the main tasks will be to stabilize the staffing of the program, develop the event calendar and co-sponsorships for the year, create infrastructure for interdisciplinary faculty projects and grant proposals, and continue to add courses to the degree, with a focus on increased participation from STEM departments.


Information will be posted as it becomes available.


Information will be posted as it becomes available.