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Curricula Committee


Use this form to request approval for a new course that is not currently listed in the Bulletin. A separate form applies for changes in title or content of an existing course.  Enter the requested information below and click submit to email the department chair or program director for approval.  Once approved, the information will be sent to the Curricula Committee.

Identity of the Proposed Course
Course Number:  
Suggeted Abbreviation
for the Title:
Faculty Contact Information
Department Chair/Program Director Information
Proposed Course and Rationale
When do you anticipate this course to be taught?  
Course Description.  Enter the proposed Bulletin description for the course.  Please follow the guidelines found on this committee's main page.  
Rationale.  Identify the rationale for the new course.  Why is it needed?  What impact does it have on other programs of study within and outside the department?  Will it be part of the regualr course offerings of a new Tufts faculty member?  Has the course been offered in the past as a special topic course?  Please list all prior offerings of this course for DARS coding (year, semester, course number and section, course title).  
What requirements winthin the major will the new course fulfill?  
Resource Requirements and Curricular Adjustments.  Identify how the course will be staffed and note any other significant new resources needs.  
Potential Overlap/Conflicts.  Does course content overlap with or complement other courses offered at Tufts?  The Committee on Curricula encourages consultation with other potentially interested departments and instructors to prevent delay in committee consideration.  What have you done to check potential overlap or complementary with courses in other potentially interested departments?  Have you sent your proposal to potentially interested instructors as a courtesy?  

Distribution of
Credit (if any)


Culture Option
.  Please indicate whether you would like the Academic Review Board to determine whether the course fulfills the culture option.


World Civilization Credit
.  Please indicate whether you would like the Academic Review Board to determine whether the course fulfills the World Civilizations Requirement.