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Curricula Committee


This action is available to department chairs and program directors only.  Use this form to delete a course that has its own dedicated listing in the Bulletin.  Further information is available on the committee's main site.  To facilitate the review, please include the current official Bulletin description of the course.  Enter the requested information below and click submit to email the Curricula Committee.

Identity of the Course
Course Number:  
Department Chair/Program Director Information
Course Description .  Enter the Bulletin description for the course.  
Rationale .  Identify the rationale for the deletion.  What impact does it have on existing or new programs of study within and outside the department or program?  
For DARS coding, please list the most recent year and semester offered (including number, section, and course title).  
When the course was last taught, what requirements if any did it fulfill towards the department's major?   
How will the proposed deletion affect the major?