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Committee on Academic Standing and Honors

Standing Bylaw Committee of the
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Jackson College

MEMBERSHIP: 2017-2018

Term: Five (5) years

Name and Link to
Directory Listing
Department Title Term Role Note
McLaughlin, Kelly Biology Associate Professor 2015-2020 Convener  
McNinch, George Mathematics Professor 2013-2019   Leave Fall 2017
Garden, Kenneth Religion Associate Professor 2014-2019   Leave AY 17-18
Hirata, Hosea International Literary and Cultural Studies Professor 2014-2019    
Love, Peter Physics & Astronomy Associate Professor 2016-2018    
Rosenberg, Eric Art and Art History Associate Professor 2017-2018    
Schildkraut, Deborah Political Science Professor 2017-2018    
Sommers, Sam Psychology Professor 2017-2022    
Baffi-Dugan, Carol Undergraduate Education Associate Dean   Ex officio, nonvoting  
Olinsky, Robin Undergraduate Education Associate Dean   Ex officio, nonvoting  
Lowe, Carmen Academic Advising and Undergraduate Studies Dean   Ex officio, nonvoting  
Barber, Kendra Undergraduate Education Associate Dean   Ex officio, nonvoting  


The function of the Committee on Academic Standing and Honors is to uphold high academic standards among undergraduates in Arts & Sciences. The committee reviews and recommends academic standards (i.e., academic honors and academic probation) and regularly reviews the academic standing of Arts and Sciences undergraduates twice per year. The committee meets at least 3 times per year (in mid-January, late April or early May, and early June), and conducts some business via email over the summer and in January, April, and May. While the summa honors process is quite visible to the faculty as a whole, the committee's work on academic standing is less visible because of its confidential nature but is no less important because it may determine whether a student is eligible to remain enrolled at Tufts.

Academic Standing: After grades are submitted for the Fall semester and Spring semester, the committee convenes to review those students whose academic performance places them in jeopardy. The student's Associate Dean of Undergraduate Advising recommends an outcome for that student based on the published standards and upon the student's unique circumstance, and the committee votes on one of several outcomes, which may include: No Action, Letter of Concern, Academic Alert, Academic Probation, Required to Withdraw (for one semester) or longer, or Permanent Academic Withdrawal. Please note that committee members must be present in mid-January and late May or early June to review, discuss, and vote on student academic standing.

Latin Honors: Prior to graduation in May, the committee reviews the records of all undergraduate students in the School of Arts and Sciences who may be eligible for highest honors and votes to recommend individual students for summa cum laude. The committee brings these recommendations to a faculty vote a few days before the Trustees vote degrees in May. The summa review process requires individual committee members to review dozens of student records (uploaded to the committee Trunk site) and to meet after senior grades are due to review again those who have met the GPA criteria. The committee may also discuss at length those few students who may be in a "gray area" because of a disciplinary record or other complex situations involving their academic record. The committee also convenes (by email) to review summa honors for the smaller number of students graduating in August and February.

Other Business: The committee has the power to oversee all cases of deficiency in academic work and to develop standards for academic honors. To this end, the committee may convene during the academic year to discuss proposed changes to the standards, criteria, or processes for determining academic standing, Latin Honors, or other honors for undergraduate students in the School of Arts and Sciences.

Eleven or more members serve for terms of five years as a joint committee of the College of Liberal Arts and Jackson College make up the Committee on Academic Standing and Honors. It consists of the Dean of Academic Advising and Undergraduate Studies, the Associate Dean of Programs Abroad, and the Associate Deans of Undergraduate Education, ex officio without vote, and six or more members of the faculty of professorial rank. No more than one member of a single department may be a member of this committee at any one time. This committee is appropriate for junior faculty members.


Information will be posted as it becomes available.


Visit the Liberal Arts and Jackson College Bylaws for more information regarding this committee's bylaws.