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University Faculty Senate – A&S Committee

Committee of the College of Liberal Arts and Jackson College

MEMBERSHIP: 2017-2018

A&S Representation: Three (3) years, Three (2) years, and Two (1) year terms for first election, then three (3) year terms.

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Directory Listing
Department Title Term Role Note
Gonzalez, Fulton Mathematics Professor 2017-2019    
Guzmán, Eulogio Visual and Critical Studies, SMFA at Tufts Senior Lecturer 2017-2019    
Johnson, Vida International Literary and Cultural Studies Professor 2017-2018    
Mahoney, Anne Classics Senior Lecturer 2017-2019    
McVey, Mitch Biology Associate Professor 2017-2018    
Pepall, Lynne Economics Professor 2017-2020 Vice President  
Robinson, Pearl Political Science Professor 2017-2020    
Tobin, Roger Physics and Astronomy Professor 2017-2020    



Approved by the A&S Faculty on April 5, 2017

The university-wide Faculty Senate is the deliberative body, composed of thirty elected faculty representatives of Tufts University. Its membership is drawn from all eight schools, and its mission is to facilitate and enhance the effectiveness of the governance of the University and further develop a sense of community among its members. Senators collaborate and consult with the university administration in the formulation and review of university policy that pertains to faculty and represent the concerns of the university faculty regarding governance, academic matters and administrative practices. The Senate does not deliberate upon matters that involve a single school, but rather works on issues that affect the university as a whole.

The A&S representatives to the university-wide Faculty Senate consist of eight full-time arts and sciences faculty members who have served Tufts for at least five years; at least five of the representatives must be of professorial rank, at least one of the representatives must be a lecturer or senior lecturer from the Medford campus, and at least one of the representatives must be from the SMFA. Eligible members are elected to three-year staggered terms, which begin on September 1 in the year of the election. In the first year of the Senate (2017), three representatives will be elected to a three-year term, three representatives will be elected to a two-year term, and two representatives will be elected to a one-year term, all of which will begin on or after March 1, 2017. In future years, representatives will be elected to three-year terms.

The A&S members of the AS&E Committee on Committees will facilitate the nomination process for A&S representation on the Senate. For each open slot, the Committee on Committees will yield two nominees for consideration. No more than one faculty member from a single department may serve at one time. A representative may not serve more than two consecutive terms. If a representative goes on leave during the term, he/she will be replaced for the entire academic year during the leave, and that representative will be elected during the next scheduled election. If a representative cannot complete a term for which he/she has been elected, the next runner up in the most recent election will be asked to serve the duration of the term; if that person is unable to fulfill the duration of the term, there will be an election for a new representative to serve a three-year term.

Senate representatives have the responsibility to keep the A&S faculty and Dean of the School informed on a continuing basis of the activities and deliberations of the Senate. Representatives are meant to have a broad perspective on issues that affect the faculty and represent the School of Arts and Sciences in its entirety. Each representative is expected to attend Senate meetings, which meet in plenary session once each month during the academic year. The Senate may meet more frequently by a decision of a majority of Senate representatives.

Additional Information about the Senate Election

Statement on Election Process:

The Secretary of the Faculty for AS&E shall distribute the eligibility list to the A&S faculty following adoption of the “Description and Workload for A&S Representation on the University-wide Faculty Senate.” The Committee on Committees shall nominate no fewer than two candidates for each open position. Eligible faculty members who wish to run for election to the Faculty Senate must provide the following information to the Secretary of the Faculty for AS&E, which will be considered by the Committee on Committees as they prepare the slate of nominees for election:
  • Brief statement (3 sentences) of why the faculty member wants to run for the open position
  • No more than 5 bullet points of relevant current/previous service to Tufts University
For each nominee, this information will be included on the elections website hosted by the Secretary of the Faculty.


Information will be posted as it becomes available.


Information will be posted as it becomes available.


Information will be posted as it becomes available.