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Elections 2018-2019

Tenure and Promotion Committee
Tenure and Promotion Committee webpage

Open Positions and Nominees:

Two full-term (3-year term) positions in Engineering
Term: May 1, 2019 - April 30, 2022
(To replace Jeff Hopwood, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Anil Saigal, Mechanical Engineering)

  • Nominee information for full-term positions:
    • Sergio Fantini, Professor in Biomedical Engineering
      • Past service experience:
        • Acting Associate Dean of Engineering (2004-05)
        • Associate Dean for Graduate Education, School of Engineering (2006-09)
        • Undergraduate Program Director, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering (2010-present)
        • Interim Director of Interdisciplinary Doctorate Program (2018)
        • Fellow of Optical Society of America (OSA), Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE), and American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE)
    • David Gute, Professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering
      • Past service experience:
        • Co-Chair Administrative Support Work Group - SOE Strategic Plan (2017-present)
        • Member, Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service Executive Committee (2011-present)
        • Member, International Relations Executive Committee (2005-present)
        • Tufts University Distinction Award for MOOC Project Team, Agent of Innovation Category (2016)
        • Faculty Co-Director, Tufts Institute of the Environment (2012-16)
        • Chair and Elected Member, Faculty Advisory Board (administration) (2006-08)
    • Sameer Sonkusale, Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering
      • Past service experience:
        • Associate Dean of Graduate Education, School of Engineering, Tufts University (2011-12)
        • Member, School of Engineering Curriculum Committee (2007-10)
        • Program Chair, National Science Foundation (NSF) IDBR Grantees Meeting (May 2014)
        • Chair, IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Biomedical and Lifesciences Technical Committee (2014-16)
        • Editorial Board Member, Nature Scientific Reports


One full-term (3-year term) positions in social sciences or arts and humanities
Term: May 1, 2019 - April 30, 2022
(To replace Jonathan Kenny, Chemistry)

  • Nominee information for one-year replacement:
    • Christine McWayne, Professor in Child Study and Human Development
      • Past service experience:
        • Program Director, Early Childhood Education (2010-present)
        • Member, Tufts Diversity and Inclusion Development and Administration Master's Working Group, GSAS (2015-present)
        • Member, Provost-appointed to the Committee on Modes of Research (2012-13)
        • Associate Editor, Educational Researcher (2013-present)
        • Associate Editor, Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology (June 2012-present)
    • Susan Napier, Professor in International Literary and Cultural Studies
      • Past service experience:
        • Member, Tufts Tenure and Promotion Committee (2014-15)
        • Director, Japanese Program, Tufts University (2009-11)
        • Member, U.S.-Japan Foundation Advisory Committee (2003-10)
        • Member, North East Asia Council, Association of Asian Studies (2006-09)
        • Chair, Princeton Department of East Asian Studies, Advisory Committee (2004-06)


One one-year replacement position (2018-2019) in Arts and Sciences
Term: 2018-2019 (only)
(To replace Krzysztof Sliwa, Physics and Astronomy)

  • Nominee information for one-year replacement:
    • Sara Lewis, Professor in Biology
      • Past service experience:
        • AS&E Tenure and Promotion Committee (2011-15)
        • Grievance Panel (2015-16)
        • Information Technology Committee (2005-10)
        • Subcommittee on European Center at Talloires (2008-09)
        • STREAM: Sharing Technology for Research, Education, new Media (2012-13)
    • Roger Tobin, Professor in Physics & Astronomy
      • Past service experience:
        • A&S representative to University Faculty Senate (2017-20)
        • AS&E Executive Committee: Member (2009-12, 2014-17), Co-chair (2015-17)
        • Chair, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy (2009- 16)
        • AS&E Tenure & Promotion Committee: member (2002-06), Chair (2005-06)
        • A&S Strategic Planning & Implementation Committee (2013-14)
        • NEASC Accreditation (2012-13): Steering Committee; Chair, Governance Working Group