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Elections 2018-2019

Committees on Committees
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Open Positions and Nominees:

One full-term (5-year term) position in arts and humanities or natural sciences
Term: 2018-2023
(To replace Ioannis Evrigenis, Political Science)

  • Nominee information for full-term:
    • Elizabeth Foster, Associate Profess in History
      • Past service experience:
        • Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid Committee, Tufts University (2015-present)
        • Academic Review Board, 2010-2015; World Civilizations subcommittee Chair (2010-12)
        • Editorial Board, French Historical Studies (2015-18)
        • Treasurer, French Colonial Historical Society (2008-10)
    • Nina Gerassi-Navarro, Associate Professor in Romance Studies
      • Past service experience:
        • Director, Latin American Studies Program (2008-09, 2011-18)
        • Board Member: CIS (2011-present); FMS (2012-present); WGSS (2009-15); ILVS (2010-present), IR (2015-present)
        • Board Member, Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana (IILI), (2014-20)
    • J. Matthew Harrington, Senior Lecturer in Classics
      • Past service experience:
      • Health Professions Recommendation Committee (2014-present)
      • Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid Committee (2016-17)
      • Academic Awards Committee (2011-12)
      • Executive Committee of Phi Beta Kappa, Delta Chapter (2014-present)