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Elections 2018-2019

University Faculty Senate – A&S Committee
University Faculty Senate – A&S Committee Page

Open Positions and Nominees:

Two full-term positions: one member of professorial rank, and one member of professorial rank (from Medford) or a lecturer/senior lecturer from the SMFA or Medford campus
Terms: 2018-2021

  • Nominee information for full-term positions:
    • Justin Hollander, Associate Professor in Urban Environment Policy and Planning
      • I am interested in serving as a member of the University-wide Faculty Senate to help represent the School of Arts & Sciences in this important endeavor. I have been a faculty member in the School for over 12 years and believe that I have the kind of experience and perspective that could be useful in launching the Senate. If elected, my priority would be to help break down barriers for research and teaching collaboration among faculty members across the University's schools.
      • Past service experience:
        • University IT Sub-Committee on Teaching and Learning, Member (2016-present)
        • Co-chair of Campus Planning and Development Committee (2013-present); Member (2008-present)
        • Department of Urban and Environmental Policy & Planning, Program Director, Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (C.A.G.S.) (2016-present)
        • Provost’s Residential Strategies Working Group, Member (2015-16)
        • Department of Urban and Environmental Policy & Planning. Chair, Student Affairs Committee (2013-17); Member, Curriculum Review Committee (2007-13)
    • Daniel McCusker, Senior Lecturer in Drama and Dance
      • I have been associated with Tufts since 1997, as a guest, an adjunct instructor, a PT lecturer and, currently, a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Drama & Dance. I have served for the last six years on EEOC and am currently co-chair. In collaboration with members of the Psychology Department, I recently represented EEOC at an A&S Faculty Meeting, and offered recommendations to ensure that faculty teaching awards be more representative of the Tufts faculty. I am primarily interested in issues of access and visibility. I know that the Arts make a vital contribution to the vibrancy of the Tufts community and that they promote a vision of equity and fairness that is invaluable for all who participate in the arts either directly or as viewers and thinkers.
        Past service experience:
        • Equal Educational Opportunity Committee, Co-Chair (2012-present)
        • Diversity Fund Committee (2014-present)
        • CELT sponsored faculty group focused on Inclusive Excellence, participant
        • Department of Drama & Dance Season Selection Committee; Drama and Dance Executive Committee
        • Full-time lecturers union and negotiating committee, union representative and steward
    • Mitch McVey, Professor in Biology
      • I have served on the Faculty Senate for A&S for the past year. As part of the Senate’s Committee on Research and Scholarship, I am working with my colleagues to recommend policies that will streamline research and facilitate collaboration across our many campuses. I would like to continue these efforts.
      • Past service experience:
        • Tufts Faculty Senate (2017-18)
        • Co-Director of TEACRS postdoctoral training program (2012-present)
        • Member of Information Technology Committee (2011-16), Chair (2015-16)
        • Member of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid Committee (2015-present)
        • Member of Student Evaluations Committee (2011-13)
    • Mary Jane Shultz, Professor in Chemistry
      • I have been at the University since 1979, witnessing many changes over the decades. I believe that it is paramount that the faculty have a central role as the University continues to evolve. I am particularly concerned about non-majority members of our community. As the first women hired on tenure track, the first tenured, and the first women chair of the Chemistry Department, I have witnessed both encouraging and discouraging policies. Faculty can be instrumental in maximizing the former and minimizing the latter.
      • Past service experience:
        • AS&E Executive Committee, member (2010-12), Co-Chair (2012)
        • Grievance Panel, Ombudsman (2016-20)
        • Chair of the Department of Chemistry (2000-06)
        • Ethics Advisory Board, Harvard Pilgrim Insurance (2013-16)
        • Northeastern Section American Chemical Society, Councilor (2011-19)
        • Women Chemists Committee, American Chemical Society Leadership and Professional Development Subcommittee (2012-present).


One one-year replacement (2018-2019): member of professorial rank (from Medford)
Terms: 2018-2019 (only)

  • Nominee information for full-term positions:
    • Vida T. Johnson, Professor in International Literary and Cultural Studies
      • After serving in the Senate for a year, I still believe that it is very important to have faculty with substantial experience in committee and administrative work, as well as historical knowledge of the University, represent A&S in the new University-wide Faculty Senate. I have served the University on many committees. In addition, my service as a three-time chair of a very large department with 40+ faculty members in a variety of language and culture programs has given me hands-on experience in balancing priorities (budgets, positions…) as well as personalities. Finally, as a participant in the very process of establishing the Senate, I have gained invaluable knowledge of the other Tufts schools and their faculty, so I am ready "to hit the ground running."
      • Past service experience:
        • Member, AS&E Executive Committee
        • University Faculty Senate, one-year term
        • Chair, Department of German, Russian, and Asian Languages and Literatures
        • Member & Co-chair, Budget and University Priorities Committee
        • Member & Chair, Faculty Research Awards Committee
        • Member & Chair, Tenure and Promotion Committee
    • Drusilla Brown, Associate Professor in Economics
      • Over 35 years I have seen Tufts rise from a small but vibrant local University to a world place where cutting edge research and teaching occurs. During these years I have had the opportunity to develop an understanding of the traits of our institution that have made us a success and those that have held us back. I look forward to an opportunity to bring may own insights and to learn from others for the purpose of realizing the rich potential of Tufts.
      • Past service experience:
        • Director, Tufts Labor Lab
        • International Relations Program Director (2010-16)