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Committee on Faculty Work/Life

Standing Bylaw Committee of the
Faculty of Arts, Sciences and Engineering

MEMBERSHIP: 2015-2016

Term: Five (5) years

Name and Link to
Directory Listing
Department Title Term Role Note
Remick, Elizabeth Political Science Associate Professor 2013-2018 Co-Chair  
Bishara, Amahl Anthropology Associate Professor 2014-2019 Co-Chair  
Baise, Laurie Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor 2013-2018    
Murdoch, H. Adlai Romance Languages Professor 2015-2020    
Parmenter, Barbara Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning Lecturer 2013-2017    
Sajina, Anna Physics and Astronomy Assistant Professor 2015-2020    
Davies, Margery School of Arts and Sciences
School of Engineering
Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs   Ex officio, nonvoting
Brizuela, Barbara School of Arts and Sciences Dean, or designee   Ex officio, nonvoting
Foster, Mary Tufts Human Resources HR Business Partner   Ex officio, nonvoting Human Resources Designee
Sahagian, Scott School of Engineering
School of Arts and Sciences
Executive Associate Dean   Ex officio, nonvoting  



The function of the committee is to act as the faculty voice concerning programs, policies, and practices related to the work/life balance of AS&E faculty members. These include programs, policies, and practices that support faculty in balancing personal responsibilities with the demands of career development, including, but not limited to, non-academic leave policies and practices, child care, elder care, housing, career ramping up and down, dual career issues, and LGBT equity in these matters. The committee consults with and makes recommendations to the central administration and the School of Arts and Sciences and School of Engineering on these matters. In addition, it at all times welcomes, considers and addresses concerns or questions from members of the faculty about policies and practices related to its purview.

The committee consists of five members of the Faculty of Arts, Sciences and Engineering appointed for staggered five-year terms. There may be at most one member from any one department or program, and at least one member each from the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering. At least one member must be a full-time non-tenure-track faculty member, and at least one must be a full Professor. The committee elects its own chair annually. The following administrators or their designees are ex-officio members without vote: the Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, the Dean of the School of Engineering, the Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs for Arts and Sciences and Engineering, and a representative of Human Resources.

During the 2015-2016 academic year, the committee meets bi-weekly. The committee is appropriate for all full-time faculty members.



Visit Arts, Sciences and Engineering Bylaws for more information regarding this committee's bylaws.