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Summer Session Committee

Standing Bylaw Committee of the
Faculty of Arts, Sciences and Engineering

MEMBERSHIP: 2015-2016

Term: Five (5) years

Name and Link to
Directory Listing
Department Title Term Role Note
Ruane, Kim Mathematics Professor 2009-2019 Chair  
Bianconi, Marcelo Economics Professor 2015-2016    
Hassoun, Soha Computer Science Professor 2015-2020    
Kraus, Benya TCU Senate Undergraduate student representative 2015-2016    
Locke, David Music Professor 2012-2017    
Roh, Terrence Graduate Student Council Graduate student representative 2015-2016    
Rosso-O'Laughlin, Marta Romance Languages Senior Lecturer 2014-2019    
Saigal, Anil Mechanical Engineering Professor 2012-2017   LV Spring 2016
Tobin, Roger Physics and Astronomy Professor 2011-2016    
Wang, Mingquan German, Russian and Asian Languages and Literatures Senior Lecturer 2011-2016    
Barker, John Undergraduate and Graduate Students Dean Ex-officio, non-voting    
Recroft, Sean Summer Programs Director Ex-officio, non-voting    



The function of the Summer Session Committee is to study and make recommendations concerning the Summer Session.

The committee consists of five or more faculty members from A&S&E, one of whom should be the chair of the Subcommittee on the European Center at Talloires; one undergraduate student designated by the TCU Senate; and one graduate student designated by the Graduate Student Council. The directors of summer session, or designee, and the dean of Undergraduate and Graduate Students, or designee, are ex officio members of this committee, without vote. All voting-eligible faculty members are able to serve on this committee; however, the majority of committee members should be tenured faculty members. Members are appointed to a five-year term

Committee members attend three committee meetings in the fall (October and November) to review course proposals for the upcoming summer sessions and to discuss issues of program, faculty compensation, graduate student teaching and compensation, organization, etc. The summer session director consults the chair and membership throughout the year on various single concerns as they come up, usually via email questions and polls. This committee is appropriate for tenure-track faculty members.


Information will be posted as it becomes available.


Visit Arts, Sciences and Engineering Bylaws for more information regarding this committee's bylaws.