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National and International Scholarship Awards Committee

Non-Bylaw Committee of the
Faculty of Arts, Sciences and Engineering

MEMBERSHIP: 2017-2018

Term: Five (5) years

Name and Link to
Directory Listing
Department Title Term Role Note
Lowe, Carmen Undergraduate Education Dean of Academic Advising and Undergraduate Studies 2010-2017 Chair  
Beckley, Michael

Political Science

Assistant Professor 2014-2019
Bennett, Clay Chemistry Associate Professor 2014-2019    
Bernheim, Harry Biology Associate Professor 2010-2017    
Cohen, Steve Education Senior Lecturer 2013-2017    
Eichenberg, Richard Political Science Associate Professor 2016-2017    
Ellmore, George Biology Associate Professor 2009-2017    
Evrigenis, Ioannis Political Science Professor 2013-2017    
Hardman, Anna Economics Senior Lecturer 2014-2019    
Koomson, Valencia Electrical and Computer Engineering Associate Professor 2016-2017    
Kritzer, Joshua Chemistry Associate Professor 2011-2017
Lurz, John English Assistant Professor 2015-2020    
Moore, Anne  Scholarship Development  Program Specialist Unspecified Term     
Palou, Pedro Romance Studies Professor 2013-2017    
Proctor, David History Senior Lecturer 2014-2019
Stanton, Cathy Anthropology Lecturer 2016-2017    
Storeygard, Adam Economics Assistant Professor 2015-2020    
TBD LGBT Center Director 2016-2017     
Urry, Heather Psychology Associate Professor 2009-2017    
Xu, Man History Assistant Professor 2015-2020    
Barker, John Undergraduate and Graduate Education Dean of Undergraduate and Graduate Students   Ex officio, non voting  
Glaser, James School of Arts and Sciences Dean of Arts and Sciences   Ex officio, non voting  
Levine, Peter Tisch College Associate Dean of Research   Ex officio, non voting  
McMahon, Mary Pat School of Arts and Sciences and School of Engineering Dean of Student Affairs   Ex officio, non voting  
Williams, Darryl School of Engineering Associate Dean of Recruitment and Retention   Ex officio, non voting  



The function of the National and International Scholarship Awards Committee (Scholarship Committee) is to select and support students for nationally-competitive post-graduate fellowships and scholarships such as Fulbright, Goldwater, Marshall, Truman, Carnegie, and Rhodes.

Members of the committee include faculty members from a wide-range of disciplines in the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering. The committee is chaired by the dean of academic advising and undergraduate studies. Any full-time faculty member in A&S&E may serve on the committee. Staff members whose positions support student writing or the administrative process of submitting the scholarship nominations or applications also serve on the committee. Members are appointed to a two-year term.

Committee members are expected to devote at least four hours in October to interviewing and providing feedback to Fulbright candidates. After October, committee members can expect to serve on selection subcommittees to review applications for other scholarships such as Rhodes, Marshall, Goldwater, Truman, Carnegie, and Astronaut; workload for each selection process requires approximately a few hours to review applications and one hour to meet to determine our nominees. Committee members are expected to attend a training session for the Fulbright process in September and are invited to a reception to honor the students who have won Fulbrights and other scholarships over the course of the academic year. Occasionally, committee members may be asked to work with an individual student to revise a scholarship essay if the committee determines the student has potential but needs assistance in crafting a viable description of his/her research or proposed project. Committee members advise students about their application essays, interview candidates for the more competitive scholarships, and provide expertise on the quality of student applications in the various fields (e.g., humanities, natural sciences, engineering, public policy, economics, etc).

 This committee is open to all full-time voting-eligible faculty members, including professors of the practice, lecturers, and senior lecturers.


Information will be posted as it becomes available.