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Subcommittee on Foreign Programs (EPC Subcommittee)

Standing Bylaw Committee of the
Faculty of Arts, Sciences and Engineering

MEMBERSHIP: 2017-2018

Term: Five (5) years

Name and Link to
Directory Listing

Department Title Term Role Note
Boghosian, Bruce Mathematics Professor 2014-2019 Convener  
De Laire Mulgrew, Anne Romance Studies Senior Lecturer 2017-2022    
Denby, David Philosophy Senior Lecturer 2014-2019   Leave Spring 2018
Hodes, Marc Mechanical Engineering Associate Professor 2017-2022    
Kounaves, Samuel Chemistry Professor 2017-2018    
Merolla, Carmela Romance Studies Lecturer 2017-2022    
Probst, Peter Art and Art History Professor 2014-2019    
Roberts, Hugh History Professor 2015-2020   Leave AY 17-18
Robinson, Pearl Political Science Associate Professor 2015-2020   Leave Spring 2018
Shevel, Oxana Political Science Associate Professor 2017-2018    
Taieb, Anne Romance Studies Lecturer 2017-2018    
Zhong, Xueping International Literary and Cultural Studies Professor 2017-2022    
Bayne, Sheila Programs Abroad Associate Dean   Ex officio,
Etish-Andrews, Jane International Center Director   Ex officio,
Goldstein, Gabriella European Center Director   Ex officio,
Greenhill, Kelly International Relations Program Director   Ex officio,
Leave Fall 2017
Notch, Karen International Relations Program Manager   Ex officio,



The function of the Foreign Programs Subcommittee, a subcommittee of the Educational Policy Committee, is to oversee the Tufts' programs abroad. The subcommittee acts as a liaison between the administrators of foreign programs and the Tufts students and faculty. It has the authority to consider and make recommendations concerning policy issues relating to foreign programs not affiliated with this university. The subcommittee reviews the mounting numbers of student petitions for credit transfer from non-Tufts programs and considers proposals for expanding Tufts programs into new countries and cultures (such as the Arab world, and Southeast Asia). The deliberations of the subcommittee are informed by case summaries prepared by the staff of the Office of Programs Abroad.

The subcommittee consists of nine faculty members and the following ex officio members without vote: director of the International Relations Program, the associate dean of the Office of Programs Abroad, the director of the International Center, and the director of Tufts European Center. All voting-eligible faculty members are able to serve on this committee. Members are appointed to five-year terms.

Committee members attend three meetings per semester, each lasting about ninety minutes, in which the committee reviews annual reports from Tufts programs, including tracking enrollments. This committee is open to all full-time voting-eligible faculty members, including professors of the practice, lecturers, and senior lecturers.

Visit the Educational Policy Committee page.


Information will be posted as it becomes available.


Visit Arts, Sciences and Engineering Bylaws for more information regarding this committee's bylaws.