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Equal Educational Opportunity Committee

Standing Bylaw Committee of the
Faculty of Arts, Sciences and Engineering

MEMBERSHIP: 2016-2017

Term: Five (5) years

Name and Link to
Directory Listing
Department Title Term Role Note
Dhingra, Pawan Sociology Professor 2014-2019 Co-Chair  
Masuoka, Natalie Political Science Associate Professor 2014-2019 Co-Chair  
Baffoni-Licata, Laura Romance Languages Senior Lecturer 2013-2018    
Chiesa, Luisa Mechanical Engineering Associate Professor 2015-2020   LV AY 16-17
Davis, Mary UEP Associate Professor 2016-2021    
Ernst, Susan Biology Professor 2015-2020    
McCusker, Daniel Drama and Dance Senior Lecturer 2012-2017    
Montez, Noe Drama and Dance Assistant Professor 2016-2021    
Oeur, Freeden Sociology Assistant Professor 2016-2021    
Wendell, Kristen Mechanical Engineering Assistant Professor 2016-2017    
Joseph, Samuel TCU Senate Undergraduate student representative 2016-2017    
Khanna, Palak  TCU Senate Undergraduate student representative 2016-2017    
Merlain, Moffatt, Kella TCU Senate Undergraduate student representative 2016-2017    
Bianco, Daniel Graduate Student Council Graduate student representative 2016-2017    
Ardizzoni, Susan Admissions Director of Graduate Admissions and Diversity Recruitment   Ex officio, nonvoting  
Baffi-Dugan, Carol Undergraduate Education Associate Dean   Ex officio, nonvoting  
Bogran-Acosta, Alida Office of Equal Opportunity Director or designee   Ex officio, nonvoting  
Cousineau, Christine School of Arts and Sciences
School of Engineering
Associate Director of Faculty Hiring and Work/Life   Ex officio, nonvoting Affirmative Action Officer
Perez, Marisel Student Affairs Associate Dean of Students   Ex officio, nonvoting  



The function of the Equal Educational Opportunity Committee (EEOC) is to concern itself with programs intended to provide equal educational opportunity to students from all segments of society. It promotes efforts to attract, support, and retain students, faculty, administrators, and staff from all segments of society; and it is concerned with the creation of a positive working, learning, and living environment for the campus community. Committee members review and report on progress in these areas, as well as proposing new programs.

This committee consists of five or more arts, sciences and engineering faculty members; three A&S&E undergraduate students designated by the TCU Senate, including at least one student from the School of Arts and Sciences and from the School of Engineering, and at least one graduate student designated by the Graduate Student Council. The following administrators or their designees shall be ex officio members without vote: the dean of academic advising and undergraduate studies, the dean of student affairs, the dean of admissions and enrollment management, director of the Office of Equal Opportunity, and the affirmative action officer for the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering. Full-time voting-eligible faculty members are able to serve on this committee. Members are appointed to a five-year term.

Committee members attend three to five meetings per semester and meetings, which are typically 90 minutes long. Subcommittees that meet once or twice per semester are used for special projects, as necessary. This committee is appropriate for tenure-track faculty members.


Information will be posted as it becomes available.


Visit Arts, Sciences and Engineering Bylaws for more information regarding this committee's bylaws.