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Educational Policy Committee

Standing Bylaw Committee of the
Faculty of Arts, Sciences and Engineering

MEMBERSHIP: 2015-2016

Term: Five (5) years

Name and Link to
Directory Listing
Department Title Term Role Note
Mahoney, Anne Classics Lecturer 2013-2018 Chair  
Cachel, Kathleen TCU Senate Undergraduate student representative 2015-2016    
DeBold, Joseph Psychology Professor 2014-2019    
Fish, Gabe TCU Senate Undergraduate student representative 2015-2016    
Hammer, David Education Professor 2011-2016    
Linton, Anna TCU Senate Undergraduate student representative 2015-2016    
Pietras, Michael Graduate Student Council Graduate student representative 2015-2016
Proctor, David History Lecturer 2013-2019    
Ramsey, Norman Computer Science Associate Professor 2012-2017   LV AY 2015-2016
Rosenberg, Joel German, Russian and Asian Languages and Literatures Associate Professor 2010-2016    
Swan, Chris Civil and Environmental Engineering Associate Professor 2015-2016    
Teixidor I Bigas, Montserrat Mathematics Professor 2012-2017   LV AY 2015-2016
Thomas, Sam Chemistry Associate Professor 2015-2016    
Bauer, Nancy School of Arts and Sciences Dean of Academic Affairs   Ex officio, nonvoting  
TBD TBD TBD   Ex officio, nonvoting President's designee
Herbert, Jean Office of Undergraduate Education Associate Dean   Ex officio, nonvoting  
Lowe, Carmen Office of Undergraduate Studies Dean of Academic Advising and Undergraduate Studies   Ex officio, nonvoting  
Jack, JoAnn Office of the Registrar Registrar for Arts, Sciences and Engineering   Ex officio, nonvoting  
Couch, Alva Computer Science Associate Professor Executive Committee Liaison



The function of the Educational Policy Committee (EPC) is to initiate, receive, review, and enact policies or recommend proposed changes of educational policies to the full faculty of arts, sciences and engineering that have direct bearing on the broad patterns of education within the jurisdiction of the arts, sciences and engineering faculty as a whole.

The Educational Policy Committee consists of fifteen or more members, of whom seven must be members of the faculty, one graduate student designated by the Graduate Student Council, up to three undergraduate students designated by the TCU Senate, and four may be members of the administration, including ex officio members or their designees, without voting privileges: the president of the university, the dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, the dean of the School of Engineering, the dean of the Division of Undergraduate and Graduate Students, an associate dean of the Undergraduate Education, the registrar, and a representative from the AS&E Executive Committee. Members are appointed to a five-year term. Full-time voting-eligible faculty members are able to serve on this committee.

Committee members attend one or two meetings per month, which are typically 90 minutes long. Notes are circulated via email on the content of the discussions. This committee is appropriate for tenure-track faculty members.



Visit Arts, Sciences and Engineering Bylaws for more information regarding this committee's bylaws.



For the first time at Tufts in the Fall 2012 semester uniform student course evaluations will be administered online via TRUNK. The plan that will be implemented has been formulated by the EPC subcommittee on Student Course Evaluations in consultation with the AS&E administration and UIT. The plan for evaluations details the schedule and online implementation. The subcommittee has also requested time at an upcoming AS&E faculty meeting to answer questions about the online evaluations.

For more information, contact Jack Ridge, convener, EPC Student Course Evaluation Subcommittee.