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Academic Awards Committee

Standing Bylaw Committee of the
Faculty of Arts, Sciences and Engineering

MEMBERSHIP: 2017-2018

Term: Five (5) years

Name and Link to
Directory Listing
Department Title Term Role Note
Grossman, Barbara Wallace Drama and Dance Professor 2005-2018 Chair, Fall  
Atherton, Timothy Physics and Astronomy Associate Professor 2014-2019 Chair, Spring  
Kaminishi, Ikumi Art and Art History Associate Professor 2013-2018    
Lehman, Frank Music Assistant Professor 2015-2020    
Muentener, Paul Psychology Assistant Professor 2015-2020    
Pollina, Vincent Romance Studies Associate Professor 2013-2018    
Rasmussen, Dennis Political Science Associate Professor 2013-2018    
Saigal, Anil Mechanical Engineering Professor 2014-2019    
Strobino, Riccardo Classics Mellon Assistant Professor 2016-2021    
Tu, Loring Mathematics Professor 2014-2019    
Turner, Diren Pamuk Chemistry Lecturer 2016-2021    
Tytell, Eric Biology Assistant Professor 2014-2019    
Wolff, Nathan English Assistant Professor 2016-2021    
Xu, Qiaobing Biomedical Engineering Assistant Professor 2015-2020    
Lowe, Carmen Undergraduate Studies Dean of Undergraduate Studies   Ex officio, voting  
McMahon, Mary Pat Student Affairs Dean   Ex officio, voting  
Reilly, Patricia Financial Aid Director   Ex officio, voting  



The function of the Academic Awards Committee is to review nominations for university-wide undergraduate academic awards, as well as for some departmental and interdepartmental awards.

In early January, award nominations are solicited from faculty members, department chairs and program directors and are due at the beginning of February. Award nomination packets are compiled by the Division of Undergraduate and Graduate Students and are reviewed by the committee. Assessment of candidates and selection of award recipients take place in February and March.

The committee consists of no fewer than ten and no more than twelve full-time AS&E faculty members appointed for five-year terms, including at least two from the School of Engineering. The chair is chosen annually by the committee from its own members and must be designated by the end of each academic year for the following year. It also includes three voting ex officio members: the dean of undergraduate studies or designee, the dean of student affairs or designee, and the director of financial aid. This committee is open to all full-time voting-eligible faculty members, including professors of the practice, lecturers, and senior lecturers. Members are appointed to a five-year term.

Committee members attend one four-hour meeting in early March to select winners of university-wide prizes and scholarships (almost entirely, but not exclusively, undergraduate). Prior to that meeting, nomination packets are distributed to committee members to be read individually, a time-consuming process that takes several hours to complete. Committee members are asked to rank their top three to five candidates for each award depending on the number of prizes allocated in each category. They are encouraged but not required to attend the Awards Ceremony in April.

Committee members typically divide the committee into two groups and each group is assigned to read half the nominations. Members rank their top three or five favorites for each award. One week after distributing the nomination packets, committee members attend a four-hour meeting to confer and select winners for all general prizes and scholarships. The Division of Undergraduate and Graduate Students coordinates the administrative tasks for the Academic Awards Committee. Service on this committee is an excellent introduction to the culture of other departments and to the outstanding students at Tufts. This committee is appropriate for tenure-track faculty members.


Information will be posted as it becomes available.


Visit Arts, Sciences and Engineering Bylaws for more information regarding this committee's bylaws.