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About the Secretary of the Faculty

Biography of the Secretary

In this role, the secretary strives to provide excellent customer service to faculty, staff, and administrators as a means of supporting the academic mission of the university. As a member of the staff of the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences and the Office of the Dean of Engineering, she/he provides advice regarding faculty governance matters and supports the faculty affairs processes that link the two schools to the Provost's Office.

Among his/her responsibilities within the schools are the following.

  • Communicate with and enforce policies and procedures that affect each school.
  • Provide guidance on faculty-related issues.
  • Manage the workflow and communication of the tenure and promotion (T&P) process.
  • Deliver administrative and logistical support for the faculty governance structure.
  • Facilitate preparation for faculty meetings.
  • Maintain historical records, including the associated bylaws and AS&E Faculty Handbook.

The primary committees with which she/he works include the Executive Committee, the Tenure and Promotion Committee, and the Committee on Committees.