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About the Secretary of the Faculty

Biography of the Secretary

Jillian Dubman has served as the Secretary of the Faculty for the schools of Arts and Sciences and of Engineering (A&S&E) since July 2008. In this role, she strives to provide excellent customer service to faculty, staff, and administrators as a means of supporting the academic mission of the university. As a member of the staff of the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences and the Office of the Dean of Engineering, she provides advice regarding faculty governance matters and supports the faculty affairs processes that link the two schools to the Provost's Office.

Among Ms. Dubman's responsibilities within the schools are the following.

  • Communicate with and enforce policies and procedures that affect each school.
  • Provide guidance on faculty-related issues.
  • Manage the workflow and communication of the tenure and promotion (T&P) process.
  • Deliver administrative and logistical support for the faculty governance structure.
  • Facilitate preparation for faculty meetings.
  • Maintain historical records, including the associated bylaws and AS&E Faculty Handbook.

The primary committees with which she works include the Executive Committee, the Tenure and Promotion Committee, and the Committee on Committees.

Her accomplishments include implementing an electronic voting system for A&S&E faculty elections; modifications to the T&P process; a committee-tracking database; research on peer institutional practices; and participation in editing and revising the AS&E Faculty Handbook.

In her previous post, beginning August 2004, Ms. Dubman served as the Executive Assistant to the Dean of Arts and Sciences. In this role, Ms. Dubman provided support for several faculty development programs, ad-hoc committees, faculty events, and communications initiatives, among other projects. She was appointed in 2007 by the Dean to serve as editor of The A&S News Beat, the electronic newsletter for the School of Arts and Sciences. Ms. Dubman received the inaugural School of Arts and Sciences Stewardship Award in 2007.

Earlier, Ms. Dubman was a project manager at Brigham and Women's Hospital and coordinated training and education grants for a Harvard University faculty member. Ms. Dubman relocated to the Boston area in January 2004 from San Francisco, California, where she was a program coordinator at Stanford University for a training grant that focused on educating healthcare providers about multicultural issues related to aging.

Ms. Dubman earned her M.A. in international peace and conflict resolution from American University in 2001 and her B.A. in international affairs from The George Washington University in 1999.