About Tufts EWB

Tufts Engineers without Borders works on international development projects in countries in Latin America and Africa.

Our projects focus on water quality testing and water treatment systems which may include rainwater catchment, boreholes, and drip irrigation. Other goals for our projects include having educational activities within our communities and building a lasting relationship with the community.

Executive Board

Professional Mentors

Dana Martin, PE
Weston and Sampson

Justin Martinez
Civil Engineer – Water
Stantec Inc.

Joshua Das
Public Health Project Manager
Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

Naomi Slagowski
GIS and Enviromental Engineer

Glenn Wattley
Managing Director
West Bay Energy LLC

Jason Vaney, E '08
Structural Engineer
Simpson, Gumphertz and Heger

Faculty Advisors

Chris Swan, Associate Professor CEE

John Durant, Associate Professor CEE

Douglas Matson, Associate Professor ME