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2019 Courses Listing

Tufts Summit students enroll in two non-credit courses: International Relations in a Changing World and La Langue et La Culture Française.

To ensure the best learning experience possible, Tufts Summit instructors bring enthusiasm and extensive knowledge of their individual fields into the classroom. Courses are tailored to an audience of high school students and to fit the short duration of the program.

The International Relations course is taught by a former Tufts instructor and graduate of Tufts Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy; La Langue et la Culture Française is taught by native French speakers who have been working with the European Center, and teaching French in the Summit program, for many years.

International Relations in a Changing World
This course, taught in English by a former Tufts instructor, is designed to examine competing answers to the fundamental questions challenging analysts of international affairs, such as: what should provide the basis of world order: power, or law? What is the role of the U.S. in supporting stability in global politics? Under what conditions is it legitimate to use military force in foreign policy? Is there a global obligation to protect human rights in sovereign states? More than a tête-à-tête about current events, this introductory college preparatory course will give students, regardless of academic background, the theoretical frameworks to think critically and speak intelligently about international issues. Visits to various international organizations in Geneva, such as the U.S. Mission to the U.N., the United Nations, and the International Red Cross and Crescent Museum, accompanied by briefings by foreign relations professionals, extend the topics of study beyond the classroom. Various simulation exercises allow students to act as decision makers on the international scene and experience the difficulties of crisis management and conflict resolution.

La Langue et la Culture Française
This intensively interactive French language course helps students expand their vocabulary and develop new ways to express and support their opinions. Emphasizing listening comprehension and speaking, as well as daily French usage, expressions, and pronunciation, the course aids students in achieving linguistic proficiency and enhances their cultural integration with the local host family. Discussion is conducted in French in small groups.