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Resources for Students
What to Expect:
 - General Info & Policies
 - Culture Shock
 - Diversity & Inclusion
 - Host Family

Health and Safety:
 - General Safety
 - Emergencies & Protocols
 - Travel Safety
 - Medical Care & Insurance
 - Mental Health
 - Sexual Assault

Resources for Students: Health and Safety

Medical Care & Insurance

Should you require medical attention during the program, consult with a staff member who will then make a doctor’s appointment for you and accompany you to the doctor’s office. There are general practitioners in the towns around Talloires and a large regional hospital in Annecy. Pharmacies are found in communities along the lake.

All students enrolled in Tufts European Center programs are required to have health insurance. Even with insurance, you will most likely still be required to pay up front for any doctor visits or medical costs in France. Depending on your health insurance plan, you may be able to be reimbursed by your insurance company when you return to the U.S. Please check with your provider to learn more about your health coverage while abroad.

Students enrolled in an insurance plan through Tufts are automatically covered through August 31 of each year.

Tufts University proudly partners with International SOS, the leading medical assistance, international healthcare and security assistance company. All Tufts European Center students will be registered with International SOS. Travel security services are provided by a joint venture of International SOS and Control Risks, the world’s leading security risk management firm.