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Resources for Students
What to Expect:
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 - Diversity & Inclusion
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Resources for Students: What to Expect

Diversity and Inclusion

We strive for all students to be able to participate in our programs safely and securely. Each student will have different challenges during their time in Talloires. Your experiences will be unique to you and will be influenced by your intersecting identities and cultural background as they relate to the dominant belief systems and cultural norms of the Talloires region, and more widely, France as a whole. We recognize the possibility that these experiences may not be easy!

Due to its sociopolitical history and cultural norms, the social landscape in France does not directly mirror that of the US. Specifically in France, language around race, sexuality, gender, religion, and other personal identities can be more candid, pointed and direct than what you might be used to or expect in the US. Before you depart, we encourage you to think about what it is going to be like to be "you" in France, the various ways you might identify yourself, and how these identities define you at home. These definitions might change in France, and you may encounter stereotypes, questions, and curiosity surrounding your identities. You may notice that French people speak more openly and frankly about difference, such as it relates to race and sexuality, than many Americans do. Think about your expectations versus what the reality might be in France, and be prepared if your experiences lead to feelings of frustration, isolation, and fatigue. However, while you may face challenges, remember that being in a new cultural context is a wonderful opportunity for change and growth and it will provide you with a new perspective on the structure of different societies.

Below are a few things you can do to prepare yourself:

  • Read about France’s history, culture, laws, and demographics. If reading news articles, commentaries, or blogs, please consider the lens through which the information was written.
  • Reach out to students who have studied abroad in Talloires.
  • Make use of online resources, (even social media which may be less "filtered" than news sources in some countries, or may include current events/stories that aren't "news-worthy") that offer advice, personal narratives, and other information.

While the below list of resources are not necessarily specific to Talloires, several are specific to France and we believe all of them will provide additional insight. We highly encourage you to check them out, as well as other resources that are available on the internet.

Please remember that Tufts resources are also available to you while you are in Talloires. These include the Tufts Group of Six:

Adapted from Brown University.