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Resources for Students
What to Expect:
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 - Diversity & Inclusion
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Resources for Students: What to Expect

Culture Shock

Everyone experiences "culture shock" differently. While the term may sound scary, it is only part of the larger process of travelling and being abroad. While studying abroad can be an incredible experience, it often takes time to adjust to a new culture, living arrangements, food, language and immersion in the unfamiliar. Some students may feel overwhelmed, others homesick. Whether itís six weeks or six months, living and studying in another country means making some big changes to your daily life. You may experience discomfort before you are able to function well in a new setting. The main things to remember is that this is a difficult and very normal process that everyone goes through and that the staff will be as much of a resource to you as possible.

Students who study in Talloires face a new cultural context that includes different historical and cultural understandings of diversity and inclusion around issues like race/ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, and disability. Customs, beliefs, laws, facilities, and social practices are likely different than in the U.S.

Numerous universities provide helpful guides for students as they prepare to go abroad. While these resources are not necessarily specific to Talloires or France, they will provide additional insight and we highly encourage you to check them out: