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Welcome to the Engineering Project Development Center

The Engineering Project Development Center (EPDC) is a facility at Tufts University that supports the undergraduate engineering curriculum. This facility is a start-to-finish project center which enables students to take their projects from the initial "idea stage" to the final "product and presentation stage."

In the Teamwork Area, students work in their project development groups brainstorming their ideas and accessing information from the Tufts main library as well as over the internet. After finalizing their design plans, they move to the Computational Design Studio. This is where the real design work takes place, as students apply their CAD skills to their project design on state-of-the-art PC workstations.

As the use of computers in engineering continues to increase, it is important that engineering students are able to develop intuitive, practical skills through hands-on testing and application of their ideas. After building and testing their prototypes, students can use the Conference Room to present their project to other students, faculty and industry worldwide.

Our facilities, of course, are for use for everyday study and homework assignments as well.

Questions about the EPDC and its website e-mail: Leah Sauerstrom.


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