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Undergraduate Program

Guidelines for Child Study and Human Development Applied Special Project (ASP)

The Applied Special Project gives qualified students an opportunity to extend their work in the field of Child Study and Human Development in a capstone project. The ASP gives a student an opportunity to get to work closely with a faculty member, and is intended to integrate courses a student has taken throughout the course of the CSHD major and build upon and extend learning in new directions.

The Applied Special Project is a semester-long one credit project in Child Study and Human Development. The ASP is different from a Senior Honors Thesis in that it is not two semesters in duration, and it need not take the form of a written project, although it could. The ASP might take the form of a film, a play, artwork, performance pieces, music, photography or multimedia. The ASP could be also take a written form, with a minimum of 35 pages in length. The ASP might be an applied extension of a project a student has undertaken as part of CD fieldwork, a spinoff from a project undertaken in another course or may be a non-empirical outgrowth of an ongoing research project. Any ASP must contain a written component, but if it is paired with an audiovisual element, the written portion may be less than 35 pages.

To be eligible to do an ASP a student must:

  1. write a short proposal during the semester prior to carrying out the ASP, which outlines the ASP topic, methodology and gives a sense of what the literature review will include
  2. find two faculty members to serve on his/her ASP committee; one can be from outside the department
  3. make sure that if original research or interviews involving human subjects will be conducted that any necessary IRB training is received and approval is cleared

Timetable for a Senior ASP

Junior year

  • discuss ideas with potential faculty committee
  • do preliminary research
  • write ASP proposal (5-10 pages) and submit to...
  • Initiate IRB training and review if applicable
  • First or second semester senior year
  • Register for CSHD 98
  • finalize methodology
  • write literature review
  • complete IRB review if applicable
  • data collection
  • arrange a one hour defense with all committee members by the third week of April
  • submit a copy of the ASP to Eliot-Pearson

Note: A Child Study and Human Development ASP does not make a student eligible to receive thesis honors, although qualifying students might be eligible for nomination to receive summa cum laude.

The following forms must be completed and turned in as specified below: