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Undergraduate Program

Major in Child Study and Human Development

Choosing an Advisor:
To select an advisor, students may ask a
member of the CSHD faculty to be their
advisor or get help from the department's
deputy chair, Dr. George Scarlett.

Declaration of Major, Minor, Advisor form
Student Guide to CSHD Major

CSHD Major Requirements

10 Courses

  1. Two Foundational Courses:
    • CSHD 1: Introduction to Child Study and Human Development

    • One additional foundational course from the following:
      • CSHD 51: Intellectual Development in Children
      • CSHD 61: Personal-Social Development
      • CSHD 62: Childhood Across Cultures
      • CSHD 155: Development of Language
      Note: With instructor's permission, undergraduates may take CSHD 151 and CSHD 161 as seniors.
  2. Methods Course: CSHD 42: Inquiry and Analysis in Child Study and Human Development

  3. Three Courses from within the same concentration (see course offerings within the same concentration)

    • Concentration 1: Child and Family Health
    • Concentration 2: Child and Family Policy
    • Concentration 3: Children, Arts, Technology, and Media
    • Concentration 4: Developmental Science
    • Concentration 5: Language and Literacy
    • Concentration 6: Atypical Development
    • Concentration 7: Early Childhood Education
    Courses that do not fit into these concentrations are considered electives.

  4. One Fieldwork or Research Experience (can be fulfilled by two half-courses totaling 4 SHUs).

  5. Three electives (Only ONE of the three electives may be a related fields course taken outside the Child Study and Human Development department. Note: no related fields course counted if the CSHD major's list includes ASL 2 and ASL 3