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Undergraduate Program

Major in Child Development

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Choosing an Advisor:
Advisors serve several important purposes,
including helping students select courses and
develop ways of preparing for life after
graduating from Tufts. To select an advisor,
students may ask a member of the Child
Development faculty to be their advisor
or get help from the department's
deputy chair, Dr. George Scarlett.

CD Major Requirements
(excluding Early Childhood Teacher Preparation Program):

10 Courses

  1. Two Foundational Courses:
    • CD 1 - Introduction to Child Development
    • One additional course from the Developmental Theories Focus (This course may count towards the major only ONCE. Students who choose a Developmental Theories focus must choose three additional courses to fulfill their Focus requirements.)
  2. One Methods Course: CD 143: Inquiry and Analysis in Child Development
  3. Three Courses from within the same Focus: (See Course Offerings Within Five Foci)
    • Focus 1: Child and Family Health
    • Focus 2: Child and Family Policy
    • Focus 3: Children, Arts, Technology, and Media
    • Focus 4: Developmental Theories
    • Focus 5: Early Childhood Education
  4. One Fieldwork or Research Experience (may be fulfilled with two half-credit courses).
  5. Three Electives
    Only ONE of the three electives may be a related fields course taken outside the Child Development department. If a student takes both ASL-2 and ASL-3, s/he may not use a related fields course to fulfill the requirements for the major.

CD Major Requirements within the Early Childhood Teacher Preparation Program
(for further information, see ECE described elsewhere on the website):

  1. Two Foundation Courses:
    • CD 001: Introduction to Child Development and
    • CD 061: Personal and Social Development or Other developmental course approved by advisor
  2. The Following Three Courses:
    • CD 007: The Child and the Educational Process
    • CD 090: The Exceptional Child
    • CD 143-13: Families, Schools & Child Development
  3. Three Curriculum Courses:
    • CD 171: Introduction to Curricula for Young Children
    • CD TBA: Advanced Curriculum I
    • CD TBA: Advanced Curriculum II
  4. Three Practicum Courses:
    • Pre-practicum (10 hours/week in an early childhood classroom)
    • CD 135: Student Teaching I (20 hours/week in PK or Kindergarten classroom)
    • CD 136: Student Teaching II (20 hours/week in 1st or 2nd grade classroom)