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Graduate Program

PhD Program Competencies

  1. Students will have a knowledge base that reflects mastery of important areas in field of child development.
  2. Students will have knowledge of methodologies and working ability in statistical techniques used in applied child development research.
  3. Students will demonstrate ability to assume the role of a professional in the field.
  4. Students will have exposure, experience with, and develop expertise in, the conduct of research in the field of Applied Child Study and Human Development.
  5. Students will gain experience in the process of reading and critically evaluating empirical research, and in preparing their own work for publication.
  6. Students will gain experience in the evaluation, preparation, and submission of grant proposals.
  7. Students will be actively engaged in work that promotes health and positive development among children and families.
  8. Students will develop skills in communicating knowledge and supporting the intellectual growth of others through teaching and mentoring.
  9. Students will demonstrate their competence in disseminating the results of their work to non-academic audiences.
  10. Students will demonstrate cultural sensitivity in the conduct of research, teaching, policy work and engaging with others.