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Part-Time Faculty

Mary Casey, Lecturer — Parent-child relations

Mariah Contreras, Lecturer — Childhood and Culture

Leandra Elion, Lecturer — Children with Special Needs

Luba Feigenberg, Lecturer — Children's Mental Health; Theory-Practice Integration

Pamela Follett, Lecturer — Developmental Neuroscience

John Lippitt, Lecturer — Early care and education policy

Jim Lipsky, Lecturer — American Sign language, Deaf Studies

Melinda Macht-Greenberg, Lecturer — Assessment

Melissa Orkin, Program Director, Center for Reading and Language Research — Literacy and Learning Disabilities

Marion Reynolds, Lecturer — Children's literature, curriculum development, teacher education

Cynthia Smith, Lecturer — Child Art

Nancy Vincent-Meotti, Lecturer — American Sign language, Deaf Studies

Jenny Weisz, Lecturer — Interdisciplinary Study of Children's Policy within a legal framework. Special focus on children living in poverty and children at risk for care and protection or probate guardianship proceedings.

Adjunct/Affiliated Faculty

Renata Celichowska (Affiliated), Lecturer, Department of Drama and Dance; Director of Dance

Laurie Miller (Adjunct), Professor of Pediatrics and Adjunct Professor of Nutrition (Friedman School) and Child Development (Eliot-Pearson) — Medical and developmental issues related to international adoption; health, nutrition, and developmental studies of rural children in Nepal and Uganda; interventions to improve nutritional outcomes.

Diane M. Ryan (Adjunct), Associate Dean of Programs & Administration (Tisch College) and Adjunct Associate Professor (Eliot-Pearson) — Leadership and leader development; stereotypes and professional identity development; civic identity.