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Human Development
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Calvin Gidney
Associate Professor

Ph.D. Georgetown University

Linguistics; literacy, sociolinguistic development; dyslexia in African-American children; language of children's cartoons; children's name-calling

Gidney, C. and Dobrow, J. (1998) The good, the bad, and the foreign: The use of dialect in children's animated television. The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. (May, 1998) pp. 105-119.

Wolf, M., Gidney, C., Goldberg, A., Cirino, P., Morris, R., & Lovett, M. (1998). The question of a second core deficit in developmental dyslexia. Special Issue of Reading and Writing; Editors: Z. Breznitz & D. Share.

Gidney, C. (under review). Additive connectives in the narrative discourse of African-American children: Towards a new taxonomy. Journal of Child Language.

Gidney, C. and Goldberg, J. (under review). "...but names will never hurt me": Teachers' experiences with children's name-calling. Harvard Educational Review.