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Faculty & Student News

Faculty Awards and Accomplishments

Marina Umaschi Bers spoke at the White House, representing the "Technology" in STEM at the White House Symposium on Early STEM. Her research has been included in the White House Fact Sheet: A Year of Action Supporting Computer Science for All!

Julie Dobrow is now officially full-time at Eliot-Pearson – as Eliot-Pearson's expert in children and the media. She has already brought the successful Life, Animated event to the department and will award the 2017 Eliot-Pearson Award for Excellence in Children's Media to the executive vice president and creative director at Sesame Workshop, Brown Johnson.

David Henry Feldman, Professor and Chair of EP, recently returned from a meeting in Utrecht, the Netherlands, with the Presidents of several developmental science societies (SRA, SRCD, ISBDD and others). The meeting was intended to form a consortium of developmental science groups (labeled the International Consortium of Developmental Science Societies) to focus on some of the world's most serious issues facing children and families.

Richard M. Lerner has been given the 2017 Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) Distinguished Contributions to Public Policy and Practice in Child Development Award.

Tama Leventhal's co-authored book, Debating Early Child Care: The Relationship between Developmental Science and the Media, was released by Cambridge University Press.

George Scarlett was invited to spend time at the Falk School of Sustainability working with faculty to better understand ways to support the environment movement in general, and to focus on how to get children involved in caring for the natural world.

Maryanne Wolf received two awards for her research: The Dyslexia Research Hero Award from the Windward School in New York, and Eminent Researcher of 2016 from the Learning Disabilities Council of Australia, for which she will give three lectures and receive the award in Melbourne in 2016. Maryanne has also been asked to give a keynote at SRCD on Neuroscience and Child Development at their next meeting.

Student Awards and Accomplishments

Elana McDermott received one of the American Psychological Foundation's 2016 APF/COGDOP Graduate Research Scholarships. Elana's research focuses on racial and socioeconomic inequality in adolescence and the transition to adulthood, specifically individual use of control strategies like self-control or persistence.

Amanda Sullivan's research on teaching robotics in early childhood was included in the White House Fact Sheet: A Year of Action Supporting Computer Science for All!

Jessica Pappagianopoulos and Sarah Coburn are presenting at Society of Pediatric Psychology Annual Conference on their paper titled "Medical Encounters for Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Systematic Review of Environmental Considerations and Interventions."

Sarah Grill presented at the Graduate Research Symposium. Her presentation was titled, "Gender-Differences in Repots about Attitudes/Beliefs about Avoiding Alcohol Use and Receipt of Clinical Guidance among Adolescents with Chronic Medical Conditions."

Sarah Gottleib has been published for the third time as result of her internship through the Pediatric Headache Program at Boston Children's Hospital. Her latest publication is titled "Headache Tools to Stay in School: Assessment, Development, and Implementation of an Educational Guide for School Nurses."

Emily Zhang and HeeJae An presented at the Graduate Research Symposium and plan to present at the Association for Psychological Science conference. Their poster is titled, "Neighborhood Matters: Understanding Adolescent Mental Health in a Community Context."