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Graduate Program

Early Childhood Education

PreK - Grade 2 Initial Teacher Licensure

Post-Graduation Support

In addition to the supports described above, bridges between pre-service and in-service professionals are also encouraged through our new Eliot-Pearson/MAT + 3 (EP/MAT+3) program, developed to provide post-graduation support for our teacher preparation students in the first three years of teaching. Launched in September 2014, the EP/MAT+3 initiative aims to provide newly graduated Eliot-Pearson MAT students with sustained connection to Eliot-Pearson and to each other during their early years working as full-time teachers in urban schools. EP/MAT+3 strives to offer high quality professional development and support that continues to focus on research-practice integration, helping novice teachers stay current with the research underpinning best-practice and the specific classroom practices that lead to high quality learning environments that improve student performance. Currently, graduates meet monthly at Eliot-Pearson to engage in thoughtful dialogue about student learning and classroom practice. In addition, graduates involved in the EP/MAT+3 program are regularly invited to visit our undergraduate and graduate-level classes to share their experiences and growing expertise.