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Graduate Program (MA)

Masters Programs: Thesis Track

In the thesis track of the Master's program, students participate in faculty research labs and projects. They attend research meetings, conduct literature reviews, locate subjects, collect data, analyze data, and write up research reports, articles and books for publication. There are often opportunities to guide a research proposal through the IRB process and gain grant proposal writing skills. Some master's students end up directing a study of their own. For further information about research opportunities, see Faculty Profiles and Research.

10 Course credits as follows:

Master's Pro-Seminar: CD 202
.5 credit, mandatory, 1st semester

Theory / Foundational courses: 2 credits

  • Advanced Intellectual Development: CD 151, 251 or approved alternate
  • Advanced Personal & Social Development: CD 161, 261 or approved alternate
  • Language Development: CD 155 or approved alternate
  • Contemporary Perspectives in Child Development: CD 211
  • Applied Developmental Science: CD 248

Statistics: 1 credit

  • Problems in Research: Statistics, CD 140
  • Applied Data Analysis: CD 146
  • Structural Equation Modeling, CD 243
  • Applied Multivariate Data Analysis, CD 249

Research methods: 1 credit

  • Research Design and Methods, CD 142
  • Qualitative and Ethnographic Methods, CD 144
  • Program Evaluation, CD 247

Electives: 4 credits
Chosen by the student to either complete a concentration or develop an area of expertise.

Thesis: 1.5 credits
CD 245 (first semester) and CD 246 (second semester)
Download Masters Thesis Handbook >

Note: All students will present their thesis at Student Presentation Day in either poster or presentation format.