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Graduate Program (MA)

Masters Programs Concentration of Study

Language and Literacy

The Masters concentration in Language and Literacy prepares students for careers in areas where knowledge of children's language and literacy development is required. Graduates of this program may work with children, families, and educators in a variety of school and clinical settings. The concentration offers courses in language development, reading development, language and reading disorders, and bilingualism, bilingual education and the education of dual-language learners (DLLs), and American Sign Language.

MA Proseminar (1 course for 0.5)

Foundational and Theory requirements (2 courses)

  • Language Development CD155 (required)
  • Contemporary and Critical Perspectives in Child Development, CD 211
  • Advanced Intellectual Development, CD51, 251 or approved alternate
  • Advanced Personal and Social development, CD161, 261 or approved alternate
  • Applied Developmental Science Theory, CD248

Research methods (1 course)

  • Research Design and Methods, CD142
  • Qualitative and Ethnographic Methods, CD144
  • Program Evaluation, CD247 (typically for students interested in policy, advocacy or program development)

Statistical methods (1 course; required for thesis track only)

  • Statistical methods, CD 140 or approved alternate

Core Concentration Electives (2 courses)

  • Assessment of children, CD 120
  • Assessing young children with special needs, CD 121
  • American Sign Language levels 1 - 3, CD 124, 125, 126
  • Development of literacy, CD 154
  • Young Child's Development of Language, CD 155
  • Developmental neuroscience and disorders of development, CD 156
  • Reading and language arts for young children, CD 172
  • Children's literature, CD 176
  • Bilingual children in U.S. Schools, CD 177
  • Teaching through drama and improvisation, CD 187
  • Children with special needs, CD 190
  • Developmental disorders in language and reading, CD 195
  • Language disorders and differences in children, CD 195m
  • Learning disorders, CD 197

General Electives (2 courses if on thesis track; 3 courses if on applied track)
Any electives in the Child Development Gradate Program

Applied or Thesis Track

  • For the thesis track, 1.5 credits consisting thesis (CD245 and CD246), public defense and attendance at the defenses of 3 other MA students.
  • For applied track, 1 credit for applied internship (CD232) and 0.5 for capstone seminar (CD143)