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Graduate Program (MA)

Masters Programs

Concentrations of Study

Eliot-Pearson offers master's students several opportunities to prepare for a professional specialty. The program offers four/five concentrations of study for students who wish to focus on one of these areas within child, youth, and/or family development; these are listed below and link to specific requirements for those concentrations. Alternatively, a student may wish to develop an individualized plan of study (IPS), which is constructed together with the academic advisor. All students, whether pursuing a concentration or an IPS, must also meet the generalized requirements as described under the "thesis" and "applied" tracks and thus will receive a strong theoretical and research foundation in child and family development. Students learn about concentrations and the IPS during the Master's Pro-Seminar and decide at the end of the semester whether they intend to pursue a concentration or IPS. If one of the department-offered concentrations is selected, it will appear on the transcript. The concentrations offered are as follows: