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Graduate Program (MA)

Masters Programs Concentration of Study

Clinical Developmental Health and Psychology

The concentration in Clinical Developmental Health and Psychology focuses on the health and well-being of children and adolescents in a variety of settings including schools, families, clinics, hospitals, and early intervention centers. The concentration provides training in understanding clinical issues of health and well-being from a developmental and systems-based perspective (e.g., family, community, and culture). The coursework and fieldwork opportunities offered in this concentration support student interest in direct service, advocacy, clinical licensure, media, policy, and research. The Clinical Developmental Health and Psychology curriculum is designed to provide breadth and depth in the concentration. However, students with special interests and wishing to pursue licensure in the future should discuss this early with their advisor in order to identify coursework and fieldwork opportunities that support student application to clinical licensure (e.g., students wishing to pursue licensure for careers as MA-level Mental Health Clinician or an Early Intervention Specialist).

MA Proseminar (1 course for 2 SHU's)

Foundational and Theory requirements (6 SHU's)

  • Contemporary and Critical Perspectives in Child Development, CSHD 211
  • Advanced Intellectual Development, CSHD 151, 251 or approved alternate
  • Language Development CSHD 155 or approved alternate
  • Advanced Personal and Social development, CSHD 161, 261 or approved alternate
  • Adolescent Development, CSHD 168
  • Applied Developmental Science Theory, CSHD 248

Research methods (3 SHU's)

  • Research Design and Methods, CSHD 142
  • Qualitative and Ethnographic Methods, CSHD 144
  • Program Evaluation, CSHD 247 (typically for students interested in policy, advocacy or program development)

Statistical methods (3 SHU's; required for thesis track only)

  • Statistical methods, CSHD 140 or approved alternate

Core concentration course requirements (9 SHU's)

  • Select 3 of the following:
    • Assessment of Children, CSHD 220
    • Child Life and Children in Hospitals, CSHD 143
    • Consultation and Collaboration Strategies, CSHD 281 (must be taken second year)
    • Cultural Diversity in Child and Family Services, CSHD 164 or Cultural Sensitivity in Child and Family Research/Practice, CSHD 262
    • Developmental Psychopathology and Adaptation, CSHD 191 (if this requirement has already been fulfilled, then students should take "Evidence Based Interventions with Children and Youth," CSHD 149)
    • Pediatric Psychology, CSHD 193
    • Autism Across the Lifespan, CSHD 143

Electives (1 course if on thesis track; 2 courses if on applied track)

  • CSHD 100: Child Health Seminar and Fieldwork
  • CSHD 141: Independent Study [related to Clinical Developmental Health and Psychology Concentration]
  • CSHD 143: Adolescent Health
  • CSHD 143: Autism Across the Lifespan
  • CSHD 143: Child Life and Children in Hospitals
  • CSHD 143: Clinical Social Interventions for Children in Classroom Settings
  • CSHD 143: Homelessness in America
  • CSHD 143: The Neighborhood Context of Child and Family
  • CSHD 143: Theoretical Foundations in Preventive Health
  • CSHD 149: Evidence Based Interventions with Children and Youth
  • CSHD 156: Developmental Neuroscience and Disorders of Development
  • CSHD 163: Infancy
  • CSHD 164: Cultural Diversity in Child and Family Services
  • CSHD 166: Children's Play and the Developing Imagination
  • CSHD 168: Adolescent Development and the Transition to Adulthood
  • CSHD 174: Designing Educational and Therapeutic Environments
  • CSHD 178: Creative Movement
  • CSHD 182: Social Policy for Children and Families
  • CSHD 183: Child Advocacy Educational Rights
  • CSHD 188: Seminar in Government Policy and the Family
  • CSHD 190: Children with Special Needs
  • CSHD 191: Developmental Psychopathology and Adaptation
  • CSHD 192: Approaches to Problem Behaviors in Children
  • CSHD 193: Pediatric Psychology
  • CSHD 195: Developmental Disorders in Language and Reading
  • CSHD 197: Learning Disorders
  • CSHD 199: Fieldwork [related to Clinical Developmental Health and Psychology Concentration]
  • CSHD 220: Assessment of Children
  • CSHD 261: Seminar in Personal-Social Development
  • CSHD 262: Cultural Sensitivity in Child and Family Research/Practice
  • CSHD 267: Seminar on Children and Media
  • CSHD 281: Consultation and Collaboration Strategies
  • CSHD 291: Seminar in Clinical-Developmental Psychology

Applied or Thesis Track

  • For the thesis track, 5 SHU's consisting thesis (CSHD 245 and CSHD 246), public defense and attendance at the defenses of 3 other MA students.
  • For applied track, 2 SHU's for applied internship (CSHD 232) and 2 SHU's for capstone seminar (CSHD 203)