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Graduate Program (MA)

Master's Program

Eliot-Pearson's Master's in Applied Child Development is a competitive program of 60 students. Students are mentored by faculty advisors who oversee their course of study, applied experience, research, and writing. Students learn to use theory and research to inform practice in the field and use their applied experiences to think critically about theory and research.

After the first semester in the program, students choose whether they want to pursue the applied track or the thesis track, and whether they wish to concentrate in a specific area.

Upon completion of the MA, many of our graduates enter a CD-related profession; others enter doctoral or other degree or licensure programs; some work for a few years before going on to further studies. Recent jobs obtained by graduates of our MA programs include:

  • Developmental Specialist in an early intervention program
  • Child Advocate in a juvenile court
  • Child Life Specialist in a hospital setting
  • Family Therapist in a therapeutic school
  • Research Coordinator in a pediatric unit of a hospital
  • Curriculum Specialist in a public school
  • Technology Consultant in an after-school program
  • Assistant to the Director of a children's television program