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Central to the department's mission is helping students integrate coursework and research with direct practice 'in the field'. Direct practice can mean working in educational settings, hospital settings, and other settings where children and youth are continuously present and being served. It can also mean working in research, policy, and other settings where children and youth may not be present or present only on occasion but where the work being done directly affects the lives of children and youth, such as research labs assessing infants at risk for developing autism and state agencies overseeing large programs for children and youth.

Fieldwork Opportunities

If you are interested in a fieldwork placement, consider the following courses, all having a fieldwork component:

  • CD 99/199: Fieldwork
  • CD 100: Child Health Seminar and Fieldwork
  • CD 130: Topics in Early Childhood Education
  • CD 135, 136: Supervised Teaching (for those in the Teacher Licensing Program)
  • CD 232: Master's Capstone Internship
  • CD 236, 237: Doctoral Internship
  • CD 238: Teaching Internship
  • Fieldwork Abroad

How to Obtain a CD 99/199 Community Fieldwork Placement:

Please fill out this fieldwork form electronically and email to Professor Kerri Modry-Mandell. After you do so, you will be contacted to set up an appointment to meet and discuss further.

Field Placements by Category (Partial List):

  • Applied Research Labs
  • Arts-Related Programs for Children and Youth
  • Early Intervention (Language Delay)
  • Education (and Special Education)
  • Family and Youth Services
  • Healthcare (Mental and Physical)
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Media (e.g., Children's Television)
  • Museums (e.g., New England Aquarium)
  • Policy & Advocacy
  • Technology