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Faculty & Student News

Faculty Awards and Accomplishments

Marina Umaschi Bers received the Graduate Student Community award for Outstanding Faculty Contribution to Graduate Student Studies this spring. In April, she spoke at the White House, representing the "Technology" in STEM at the White House Symposium on Early STEM.

Kathleen Camara presented an invited paper on Music, Spirituality, Diversity and Social Justice (at the International Society for Improvised Music in Waterloo, Canada, was chair of a symposium on Arts, Environment and Youth Development at the Jean Piaget Society's International Conference in Chicago. She will present a paper on "Musical and Spiritual Journeys of Young Musicians" at the International Society for Music Education Conference in Scotland.

Julie Dobrow is now officially full-time at Eliot-Pearson – as Eliot-Pearson's expert in children and the media. Her recent article ("Oscars May be So White, but So Are Kids' Cartoons") appeared in the Huffington Post and highlights her work with Chip Gidney -- on bias in children's media.

David Henry Feldman has been elected President of the Society for the Study of Human Development (SSHD).

Richard M. Lerner has been named as the 2015 recipient of the American Psychological Association Division 1 Ernest R. Hilgard Lifetime Achievement Award for distinguished career contributions to general psychology. He will be speaking at the White House -- panel: FUTURE OF CHILDREN: MILITARY CHILDREN and FAMILIES—"Fostering Resilience."

Bruce Johnson, director of the Evelyn G. Pitcher Curriculum Resource Lab has launched a new online resource for Eliot-Pearson MAT students and alumni as well as for EPCS staff and other early childhood programs and educators.

Tama Leventhal's co-authored book, Debating Early Child Care: The Relationship between Developmental Science and the Media was released recently by Cambridge University Press.

George Scarlett's edited, two-volume encyclopedia on classroom management was released recently by Sage Publications.

Maryanne Wolf received two awards for her research: The Dyslexia Research Hero Award from the Windward School in New York, and Eminent Researcher of 2016 from the Learning Disabilities Council of Australia, for which she will give three lectures and receive the award in Melbourne in 2016. Maryanne has also been asked to give a keynote at SRCD on Neuroscience and Child Development at their next meeting.

Student Awards and Accomplishments

Robey Champine has been selected as a recipient of the SRCD Dissertation Funding Award for $2,000. She is one of eleven doctoral students across the U.S. and internationally that were selected to be given this prestigious award. Robey has also been selected by the Society for Research on Adolescence (SRA) as a junior mentor for the 2016 SRA Young Scholars Program.

Patrece Joseph's proposal for funding for his research project, "The development of a community-based program to encourage adolescent health behaviors and the dissemination of health information via social media." was approved by the Graduate Student Research Competition Committee.

Rachel Katz has been awarded a 2-year dissertation fellowship from the highly-competitive Doris Duke Fellowship for the Promotion of Child Wellbeing (Doris Duke Charitable Foundation & Chapin Hall, University of Chicago).

Ola Ozernov-Palchik received first prize at the Graduate Student and Post-doctoral Poster Competition at the Fourth Annual Ellen C. Perrin Lecture.

Shaobing Su, a second-year doctoral student in the Institute for Applied Research in Youth Development (IARYD), was recently awarded the Government Award for Outstanding Students Abroad, which is sponsored by the China Scholarship Council (CSC) of China. This award was given to 500 Chinese doctoral students who are studying abroad across all fields of study. Her proposal for funding for her research project, "Understanding Positive Youth Development among Chinese Immigrant Children in the United States: A Qualitative Study.", was approved by the Graduate Student Research Competition Committee.

Nicki Sirianni, a master's student, had her paper accepted for presentation at the Jean Piaget Society Conference in Chicago.

Xian Zhang received a scholarship award through the Graduate Student Research Competition, "Connecting to birth culture: How transracial adoptive parents provide cultural exposure and how they think about adoptees' birth culture"!