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About The School 

Observation Procedures

Appropriate Observation Behavior

The Children's School is an observation and demonstration facility operating under the direction of the Child Development Department of Tufts University. We welcome observation of our preschool, PreK-K, and K-1 classes by parents, students, and professionals.

In the observation booths:

  • Children are not permitted in the observation booths. The school has no provision for children accompanying observers.
  • Since observers are visible from the classroom and the booths are not soundproof, it is essential that observers conduct themselves as quietly and unobtrusively as possible.
  • There is no talking in the booths. You may leave the booth to engage in discussion which cannot wait until the end of your scheduled observation.
  • Large groups, moving into, out, or around inside the booth should do so in groups of five (5) at a time to minimize noise and confusion.
  • No eating, drinking, or gum chewing is allowed in the booth.
  • If making written records of observations, please use pseudonyms in reference to an individual child, thus protecting the confidentiality of classroom practice.
  • If a child should engage you in conversation, do not rebuff the child's advances. Instead, try to disengage yourself from the child by explaining that you have come to watch, to do your own work or to watch the children play, thus hopefully discouraging further dialogue.
  • Try not to initiate eye contact with children or actions which call children's attention to you.
  • At no time are observers to enter the classrooms while children are present unless previously arranged and approved by Research Coordinator!

In the play yards:

  • Stay on the periphery of all activity.
  • Please respect the no talking rule.


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