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About The School 

Observation Procedures

The Children's School is an observation and demonstration facility operating under the direction of the Child Study and Human Development Department of Tufts University. We welcome observation of our PreK-K, and K-1 classes by parents, students, and professionals.

Observation Scheduling Procedures

Call the Children's School receptionist to set up an observation time. Please call at least 24 hours in advance of when you would like to observe. We have a limited number of observation slots available each day. If there is a particular classroom or age group in which you are interested, let the receptionist know when arranging your visit. Please note that the classroom daily schedules are subject to change without notice, at the teacher's discretion.

When you arrive at the Children's School on the day of your observation:

  1. Identify yourself at the front desk.
  2. Sign the visitors book.
  3. Read Appropriate Observation Behavior, before entering the observation booth.
  4. The receptionist will direct you to the appropriate observation booth or play yard for your observation. Please note that Children's School staff members are not able to make private observation arrangements; all observers follow the above procedure.

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